Smart card ATR parsing

Enter an ATR (Answer To Reset) and I will parse it for you.


Parsing ATR:

3B 6E 00 00 80 31 80 66 B0 84 0C 01 6E 01 83 00 90 00
TS = 0x3BDirect Convention
T0 = 0x6EY(1): b0110, K: 14 (historical bytes)
TB(1) = 0x00VPP is not electrically connected
TC(1) = 0x00Extra guard time: 0
Historical bytes80 31 80 66 B0 84 0C 01 6E 01 83 00 90 00
Category indicator byte: 0x80 (compact TLV data object)
Tag: 3, Len: 1 (card service data byte)
Card service data byte: 128
- Application selection: by full DF name
- EF.DIR and EF.ATR access services: by GET RECORD(s) command
- Card with MF
Tag: 6, Len: 6 (pre-issuing data)
Data: B0 84 0C 01 6E 01 "....n."
Tag: 8, Len: 3 (status indicator)
LCS (life card cycle): 0
SW: 90 00

Possibly identified card:

3B 6E 00 00 80 31 80 66 B0 84 0C 01 6E 01 83 00 90 00

Optelio Cards (D72 R4 WR)

Nordea (a Skandinavian bank) eID card

Nordea Mastercard card

Nordea Visa card

RBC Royal Bank Client Card (bank in Canada)

Banco Santander TUI/USC R7

Gemalto Optelio/Desineo D72 (JavaCard) with WG10 and Maestro (JavaCard) (Bank)

Carte Ticket Restaurant with MasterCard

Citigold VISA Debit for Citibank, Australia

Platinum VISA card for Citibank, Australia

VISA Infinite issued by RBC Royal Bank (Canada)

Postepay Evolution - Poste Italiane (mastercard)

"la Caixa" (Spain) (VISA Electron) debit card (Bank)

Italian BPM Banca Popolare di Milano Bancomat & Maestro Card (Bank)

Sberbank of Russia MIR debit card (Bank)

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The parsing code is part of pyscard and is available at

The list of known ATR is also available online at smartcard_list.txt.

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